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Venezuela born, Jean Carlos Puerto is a Spanish painter that first of all was a psychologist in his professional world. After 10 years working in childhood and adolescence area he decided to launch his artistical skills as a profession.

But his sensitivity for artistic duties started earlier, in the school, where he stand out in artistic subjects. This sensitiveness was also what approached him to human nature and social matters, and also what took him to decide on studying Psychology then in the University. After some years he returned to have contact with art when started painting lessons with a Spanish painter, that showed him a lot of technic and plant the seeds of his magnetic attraction for realism and social topics that you can see in his nowadays paintings.

During the last 6 years he has won diverse National and International painting contests, and has participated in different art fairs and some exhibitions around the world (Paris, Mulhouse, Madrid, Gijon, Berlin,…) His works have been aqcuisted by collectors around the world, from Singapur, Europe or United States. He spends majority of the time painting, as it is finally his profession, but keeps on working as a familiar therapist once a week in a Family Centre in the city where he live, Murcia (Spain).


To define myself means two big areas in my life: Psychology and Fine art Painting. As a Psychologist I have worked
during 10 years in childhood and adolescence area and maltreated childhood, and in last years I have been doing a PhD in systemic familiar therapy. I define myself as systemic and creative. As an artist I am determined, restlessness and discerning. Pretending my experience as a psychologist not influencing my paintings would be unreal. In 2014 I had the chance of meeting Antonio López, great contemporary realist painter, and showing him up my work and asking him some advice.

Far away of being a flattering conversation I went out very lost about what to paint and what to do with my painter path, however it also was the start of an insight searching that has been resulting in different artworks from that moment. The systemic approach has changed the way I create my deeper and intimate artworks. I try to build them the same way as we build our reality, it is, in relationship with others. So my family, professional experiences, and my deepest unconsciousness play with the models’ experiences building in between us situations that, sometimes, goes far away from the initial idea but that reach a more everyday reality of the viewer. Painting is the way I chose to get out my inner world, my fears and my phantoms. Is the place where I explain myself. I do it, furthermore, using realism because is the style I feel more identified with.”


2021 “ECHINOPSIS RITUALE”. bipersonal exhibition with JM. Marín Guevara. Curated by Ricardo Recuero. From 5th to 27th March 2021. Sala Caballerizas. Espacio Molinos Del Río. Murcia.

2020 “HOME MOVIES: Family Tree”. From 19th November  2020 to 3rd January 2021. Centro Párraga. Murcia

2019  “HOMBRE/OBJETO”. Bipersonal exhibition with  Santi G Ruiz. From 24th October to  22nd November  Factoría de Arte y Desarrollo. Madrid.

“URANO DESATADO”.  From 20th June to 3rd July. DT espacio escénico. (MADRID)

“A TRAVÉS DEL UMBRAL” . From 3rd May  to 3rd June. Galería Antinoo Fine-Art (MALAGA)

“UMBRAL”. From 11th to 23rd January. Galería Léucade (MURCIA)

2018 CICLO “DIÁLOGOS” Ramón Gaya Museum.  from 5th to 24th April.  (Murcia, España)

2017  “OPEN MYTHS”. From 24th March to 29th April. Casas Consistoriales de Mazarrón. (Murcia, España)

2016  “La incesante búsqueda del SELF”. From 8th to 27th January. Galería Léucade. (Murcia, España).


2021 16ª Feria de Arte Contemporáneo. Art Madrid. Mayo. 

2019 5ª Art Gaysel fair. Miami.

2017  12ª Feria de Arte Contemporáneo. ART MADRID. February.

3º Salon International d’Art Contemporain. Art3F. París. January.

2016   5º Salón International d’art Contemporain. Art3F. Mulhouse. November


Patrimonio de la “Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla”, España

Museo Casa Ibáñez. Fundación Ibañez-Cosentino, Olula del Río, Almería, España.

Grupo AMIAB. Albacete, España.

PRIVATE COLLECTIONS in  Murcia, Madrid, Málaga, Barcelona, Berlín, París y Singapur.


2004 Licenciado en Psicología por la Universidad de Murcia

2016 Terapeuta sistémico familiar por el Centro de Terapia Familiar de la ciudad de Murcia.

2015 IV Curso figuración y realismo por ANTONIO LÓPEZ y ANDRÉS G. IBÁÑEZ. Fundación Ibáñez Cosentino.

2016 V Curso figuración y realismo por ANTONIO LÓPEZ y ANDRÉS G. IBÁÑEZ. Fundación Ibáñez Cosentino.

2017 VI Curso figuración y realismo por Antonio López y Andrés G. Ibáñez. Fundación Ibáñez Cosentino.

2018 VII Curso figuración y realismo por Antonio López y Andrés G. Ibáñez. Fundación Ibáñez Cosentino.


2019 52º Certamen de pintura “Vila de Sant Joan”. Alicante.  España. SELECTED.

Concurso Figurativas 2019. Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno. PRE-SELECTED

2018 46 Concurso Internacional de Pintura “Villa de Fuente Álamo” Murcia. España. SELECTED

2017 BP Portrait award. National Portrait Gallery (Londres. UK). PRE-SELECTED

2016   XVI Certamen de Pintura “Arte sin barreras”. Grupo AMIAB. (Albacete, España).FIRST PRIZE

XVII Certamen Nacional de Pintura y Escultura “Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla” (España). FIRST PRIZE.

Concurso de artes plásticas. CREAMURCIA 2016. Ayuntamiento de Murcia. FINALS.
Bienal de Jóvenes artistas. Fundación Cromática 2016 Cum Laude (Ourense, España.). SELECTED.

BP Portait award. National Portrait Gallery. (Londres. UK). PRE-SELECTED

XXVII Certamen de pintura “Ciudad de Alora”. (Málaga. España) SELECTED.

2015   XVI Concurso de pintura. Ciudad de Molina de Segura (Murcia.España). THIRD PRIZE.

XIV certamen de pintura nacional “La Colmena”. (Asturias, España). HONOUR MENTION

XII Concurso internacional de Pintura Toledo Puche. (Cieza, España) FINALS.

Certamen de Artes pásticas CREAMURCIA  2015. (Murcia, España) SELECTED

Premio IBERCAJA Nacional de Pintura Joven 2015. (España) SELECTED

XXVI Certamen de pintura “Ciudad de Álora”. (Málaga. España) SELECTED.

XXVI Certamen Nacional de pintura de  Mora. (Toledo, España) SELECTED.

XXV Certamen de Artes Plásticas de la UNED. (Cuenca, España) SELECTED.

XIX Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Ciudad de Calahorra”. (La Rioja, España) SELECTED.

2014   XIV Certamen Nacional de Pintura “Arte sin barreras.” Grupo AMIAB (Albacete, España) FIRST PRIZE

VII Concurso Internacional de Pintura. Fundación Aguagranada. (Granada, España) SELECTED.

XIV Certamen cultural Ibérico Jovenes artistas. Ayuntamiento de Cáceres (España) SELECTED.




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